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Based in California, Butticious.com is the first and only legit world’s largest website for all things buttock injections, beauty enhancement, health, and anti-aging. With over 5 thousand members and over 500 unique visitors per month, Butticious.com is a one-stop portal for all the products, services, and information resources needed by the consumer for a wide variety of health and beauty treatments and conditions. Serving all major countries in the world, Butticious.com shopping division is comprised of over 50 products. At its inception, Butticious.com started by providing consumers with the leading brands of recovery and preparation products for every type of non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Thereafter, Butticious.com has branched into providing one of the largest and most cutting-edge selections of the latest medical grade buttock injection shop on the internet.

In recent years, Butticious.com has been transforming itself into a leading health portal and has emerged a leader in providing products and services for a wide variety of health conditions and wellness categories, buy hydrogel butt injections, pmma injection prices, UK macrolane online shop, enhancement creams and pills, life-like sex dolls and sex toys with major countries injector services and numerous other departments.

We’re constantly redefining ourselves to serve the dynamic needs of our customers, so don’t be surprised if you come back soon and find many new categories in our mix.

We Fill A Gap In Consumer Needs

Butticious.com origins started with its desire to fill a major gap in the needs of consumers by helping them during critical steps of the process of going through a procedure successfully. Besides choosing the right cc, procedure and injector, knowing how to best prepare and recover is the most crucial step affecting the cosmetic results that you will get. Butticious.com has emerged in response to seeing that a large part of the people either considering, having, or recovering from injection procedure do not know enough about the pre- and post-operative phases and have no access to vital recovery and preparation products and resources that are needed. The problem is compounded by the deficiency of consumer services and resources that help patients become educated about these aspects of a cosmetic procedure experience. This leads to patients having longer recovery periods, slower healing, more discomfort and stress, prolonged swelling and bruising, increased risk of complications, slower wound healing and potentially greater scarring than if a patient was better educated before the procedure.

For the last 10 years, Butticious.com mission has been to cure this deficiency and help consumers with all of their important health and beauty needs . By eliminating the black information holes and providing you with a community of knowledgeable experts and consumers who are going through the same issues, coupled with the best products, you are more empowere, feel in control, and have peace of mind while making important life decisions. Whether you’re considering an injection procedure, emerging from having a key procedure, or just looking to look your best – both inside and out – we’re here for you and have all the information and products that you need to live your best life.

You’re A Friend, Not A Customer

At Butticious.com, an important part of our work is to make your butt dreams come true and interactions between businesses and consumers. We’re a company whose heart cares about the inner and outer health and well-being of the people we serve. At Butticious.com, you’re not a “customer”…You’re a friend.

About Our Team: We’re A Family

For a glimpse into our team, we’re extremely passionate about our labor of love and the business we have pioneered. We want to maximize the potential enrichment of our daily work existence, push the limits of our industry, and have as much fun as possible in the process. We care about one another, do everything we can to empower each other with the opportunities to grow to our best selves, and are dedicated to helping all of us have incredibly rewarding, purposeful, and fun careers. Not only a team, we’re a family.

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